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This exhibition is the culmination of the work of a group of four adults, initially developed during the course Abstraction, Photography and Play run by Eva Kalpadaki at Phoenix Brighton in Autumn 2009. Over the months following the completion of the course, Eva supervised the development of the individual photographic projects from early conceptualisation through to final printing and exhibiting.

Abstract Encounters presents a diverse approach to the abstract photographic image. Exploring different aspects of the concept of abstraction, this exhibition draws references to historical developments in art and photography. From conceptual preoccupations about the instantaneity of photography and the flatness of its seamless surface through to formal and structural concerns and from impressionistic views of the world through to minimalist arrangements of reality, the works presented here ask the spectators to experience an encounter of a different kind; a meeting with unexpected views of the world.

All text is © Eva Kalpadaki and all images are copyrighted by the owners. All rights reserved.  
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James Gormley

Eva Kalpadaki (Curator)

Chris Marks-Billson

Laurence Olver

Shaun Pryszlak